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Barela's Alaskan Outfitters

Peter Barela of Barela's Outfitters

Rest assured when hunting with Barela’s Alaskan Outfitters, experience and knowledge should be the farthest thing from your mind. Owner and operator Peter Barela has over 30 years of guiding experience and has owned his own guiding operation for a total of 16. Partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals of fulfilling their dream of a successful Alaskan Adventure and Big Game Hunt is mission number one.

Barela’s Alaskan Outfitters Area of Operation

Barela's Alaskan Outfitters Area of Operation

Barela’s Alaskan Outfitters operate in a couple different areas, the Chugach National Forest, and the Tongass National Forest Wilderness area, plus another 55,000 sq. acres of private lands near Icy Bay. Both in the Chugach and the Tongass. The animals are huge with the high potential of making Boone & Crocket. On the private lands we are the only guiding business accessible to operate big game hunting on those 55,000 acres. In the Tongass National Forest we will be working with Master Guide John Latham who has been operating in this area since the mid 1970’s. An amazing 2024 Bear Safari success!  

Barela’s Alaskan Outfitters will be the only guiding operation in the Russel Fiord up to May 15th. This time frame is perfect because of the location. This is one of the best times of year when the bears come out of their hibernating dens earlier so their hides are in prime condition and their claws are not worn down yet. There are so many glaciers it really makes you wonder if there really is climate change going on. One of the largest glaciers is the Bearing and it is near to many of our hunting camps.  

Alaskan Wilderness Hunting Adventure

You are in “no man’s land” you are in true wilderness the only way to get to your camp will be by airplane or a very, very long boat ride. There are no roads, this is the “Bush of Alaska” that you have always read and seen in the movies. You will see whales breaching during the early month of May, as well as every type of waterfowl, predator, birds, ermine, wolverine, river otters, sea otters, thousands of cranes, sea lions, seals, thousands of geese, brants, wolfs, black and brown bear, mountain goats, moose, glaciers, waterfalls, rain, and snow.

Might even find you a gold nugget in one of the rivers you cross or some flower gold in the sand on the beach. Rare Japanese glass buoys, again on the beaches. Bald eagles and as well as golden eagles. Not just one or two but dozens, did you know that just a hand full of eagles and a couple ravens can devour a hole brown bear carcass in just three days? Yep! The mountain views are spectacular and once you are up there with the goats you will feel like no other human has ever been there. In the fall for sure and possibly in the early spring you will get the opportunity to see the northern lights. Now that is something to write home about.

Brown Bears will be on the salmon rivers in the fall and make for an exciting spot and stalk hunting experience. The highlight of this spring hunting experience is that you are inside the living domain of the Glacier Bear. There is a very small topographical and ecosystem area where these unique and rare animals live. Barela’s Alaskan Outfitters has the legal ability to hunt them through a National Forest concession. Mountain Goat Hunting will be a test of your strength and endurance. You will have to be in decent shape because you will be climbing up 500 feet to possibly 2,200 feet for a successful hunt. During our hunts for Mountain Goat, you might encounter both Brown and Black Bears up on the mountain. It is a very good idea to have all the appropriate hunting licensure with you in case you do get an opportunity on any one of them. Moose Hunting will be flat and swampy with tall alders, willows, and spruce trees to climb with spectacular mountains covered with glaciers. 

Bear Hunting
Mountain Goat Hunting
Moose Hunting

Guaranteed tags for all our hunting opportunities. In the areas where Barela’s Alaskan Outfitters provides guided hunts, all tags are over the counter. Just a couple of areas for Mountain Goats and Black Bears are registration hunts, but still over the counter.

Barela’s Alaskan Outfitters offers Top quality trophy animals to hunt, wilderness beauty, salmon that you have only read about, and a rich filled environment food source for all the animals to grow large and abundantly. Personable, safety orientated, well maintained aircraft, camps, and trophy orientated personnel are another of our top priorities. I have spent thousands of hours in my personal airplane and so many years with boots on the ground I know when and where to place camps for the highest of success rates. The weather will keep other operators out of the area which is a blessing and a curse… meaning the weather is really rough. The joke between us hunting guides is that during certain times of the year you might want to keep a snorkel in your pack. However, the blessing is the hunting pressure is so low here there are animals that will not be hunted by anyone, except by us. You will be able to take your trophy home with you on Alaskan Airlines right from Cordova or Yakutat. Simply check it as extra luggage boxed up in a waterproof fish box with a nominal extra bag fee. No expeditor or taxidermist you do not know or trust. You take it right to your own taxidermist and no middleman and no extra expense besides the extra baggage fee.

Welcome to Barela's Alaskan Outfitters

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