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When you reserve your Alaskan Hunting Trip you will stay with us in the Bear Country Lodge right in Cordova on the Eyak lake. A beautiful place to regroup get a nice nights rest from your travels go through your gear to make sure you have all you need, if not we can get you to the store to get the basics. There is no sporting goods store in Cordova just the basics.You will have home cooked meals or you can go out to one of the local restaurants. Transportation will be provided from the airport to the lodge and back once your hunt is complete. We will meet you at the airport on your arrival date.

Get your luggage and weapon then go directly to the gun range to make sure your weapon is still sited in. Then we will go directly to the lodge for an evening of rest and getting to know each other. Please note Alaska Air is the only airlines that travels to Cordova and Yakutat.

The Bear Country Hunting Lodge has four bedrooms, two private rooms, 7 bunks, and one full bath. The Lodge also includes living quarters, living and full kitchen with TV, internet connection, good cell service and Wi-Fi. We have found that a five person hunting group is the most efficient number for us to handle comfortably. If you have a larger group, we can accommodate on a group by group basis so do not hesitate to call us and discuss exactly what you are looking for.

Alaskan Hunting Camp

As a family man myself I love to be of service to families. I believe we need more parents expressing their Love for the outdoors and hunting to their children. We have had father and sons hunt with us, mother, and son hunt with us, and they all had an adventure and successful hunts. Weather older or younger children we can make it happen. Yet we must remember where we operate where there are animals on the top of the food chain so young ones under the age of say 14 or 15 would be about the youngest, I would be comfortable with. Even though all our camps have bear fences around them, we still need to be precautious, and the weather elements can be harsh. Please remember that non-hunting guests will be with the hunting party at all times. Once the hunt is complete and if there are days left then we for sure would love to do a photo safari or other activities like fishing.

Fall Fishing in Alaska

Fishing, during the fall we can fish for salmon only a few miles from the lodge if we are weathered in and the clients have the appropriate fishing license or if your hunt is completed early and you come out of the field early you can fish right there not far from the lodge on one of the rivers up until about the 12th of October. Now if you are out in camp and your hunt is complete, and you want to stay for the deration then yes you can fish for silver salmon while out there. Not all streams have salmon in them, but most do. If it is a spring hunt then you can fish for rainbows, the salmon have not arrived in Alaska yet.

Bear Country Lodge and Camp Meals

Camp Meals in Alaska

This is basically our menu for in the Bear Country Lodge and out in our remote camps, home cooked by either myself or one of our guides. We will serve three meals a day from chorizo con huevos, pancakes eggs, ham and eggs, an array of lunch meats, hash browns, quesadillas, peppers, onions, mushrooms, pash potatoes, peanut butter and jelly, oranges, apples, trail mix, granola bars, to salmon, bread, tortillas, halibut, chicken breast or steaks. There will be no fish served out in camps, fish is only served in the Hunting Lodge.

Hunting Lodge in Cordova Alaska

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