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Mountain Goat Hunting in Alaska

Mountain Goat Hunting in Alaska is quite the challenge. Mountain Goats are an animal that I believe are truly underrated. The beauty in these magnificent creatures are absolutely breathtaking and the country they live in is absolutely stunning. We work hard to harvest Billie’s 9"or larger, averaging 9-9 ½ inch category. The 10-inch Billy is there, and we have harvested a few of them.

Alaskan Mountain Goat Hunting
Alaskan Mountian Goat Hunting

You will fly to a base camp on one of the river bottoms then spike out up the mountain on your Mountain Goat Hunt. If you’re in shape it will only take a couple hours to get to where you will spike out your camp. You will have to be in good shape because you will be climbing up 500 feet to possibly 2,200 feet from base camp. You might encounter both brown and black bears up on the mountain with the goats so have all the appropriate hunting licensure with you in case you do get a bead on any one of them. Foods up on the mountain are mountain house or Peak freeze-dried food. Also, I will send up with you a block of cheese, lunch meats, bread, oatmeal, granola bars. Water is usually up there but you will carry your water bottle with you full before you leave. You will bring your favorite two-man tent or I will supply you with one. Your Mountain Goat Hunting guide and your packer will split gear going up, but you will need to pack your own gear and food, these Mountain Goat hunts are scheduled for 7 days but usually are tagged out in 2-3 days. That then gives you time to hunt one of the black bears or brown bears up there. Or one of the brown bears down back at base camp on the river bottom. Bring a pair of walking sticks they are helpful. I will supply crampons to you for the spots that are steep and slippery. Some of the Mountain Goat areas we hunt are a registration and require taking a quiz. The quiz is easy but the fish and game department want everyone Mountain Goat hunting to be able to identify between a Billy, a nannie and a kid. Your Mountain Goat Hunting Guide is there for you and will know whatever you need to know as well.

Mountain Goat Hunting Recommended Weapons

Mountain Goat Hunting Weapon

We offer you a Mountain Goat hunting adventure so the weapon you choose is completely up to you whether it is a rifle or archery equipment. It is important to hunt with the right weapon for your Mountain Goat Hunting Trip. I recommend a 6.5 or larger, we have observed this caliber and the 28 Nosler perform very well on mountain goats. The most important thing is that you have chosen a weapon that you are MOST COMFORTABLE and PROFICIENT WITH. Shot placement is especially important on Mountain Goats. Ideally, we try to get within 100 - 200 yards of our target, no further. You need a good quality, low power scope, because in some situations we are relatively close to the target. If you are a bow hunter, then I suggest a draw weight no less than 65 pounds. We want you to have the heaviest arrow possible for your bow to get the highest kinetic energy and still be able to shoot proficiently. Our shots will be from 20 - 50 yards when bow hunting for Mountain Goat.

Alaskan Mountain Goat Gear List for September through November

Alaskan Mountain Goat Hunting Gear

During September through November while on your Mountain Goat hunt it is recommended to have a warm hat and gloves, light gloves, sun glasses, sun screen, ChapStick, light and medium weight long underwear, rain gear, light wool pants or gortex pants/bibs, warm coat, underwear, sweater, hunting shirts, wool blend socks (pair for each day of your Mountain Goat hunt), hip boots or light chest waders/hiking boots/camp shoes, (spare shoe laces), toothbrush, personal hygiene supplies, lighter, headlamp, flashlight, camera, backpack water bottle, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, skinning knife, journal, novel to read, weapon of choice, hunting license, tags, game bags, bug dope. There is no shower at spike camp we will be bathing in the rivers only.

Alaskan Mountain Goat Hunting temperatures will start out in the 40-50 degree range and then proceed to cool off as we get into November where it can get down into the lower 20 degrees. Doesn’t really get colder than that however that wind will make it feel like it is down in the teens. Late October a pair of mittens would be smart to have and a few of those hand warmers.

Alaskan Mountain Goat Hunting Package Pricing

Alaskan Mountain Goat Hunting

Mountain Goat Hunt Dates are October 1st through November 15th. This hunt is 7 days however you must realize that in Alaska we cannot hunt on the day we fly, therefor you will be out for 8 days possibly 9 if we cannot get to you do to weather on that 8th day. You start your Mountain Goat hunting trip the day after you arrive at spike camp.

7-day Mountain goat hunt includes travel to and from hunting lodge, professional licensed guide, packer, camp and all the food/gear for that camp for only $18,500.

Non-Hunter Mountain Goat Hunting Companion or guest are always welcome and can be added to your hunt for $5,000.

5% Sales Tax Will Be Calculated and Added to Your Final Bill

Hunting Licenses, Fees, and Tags are not included in the package prices listed above. All hunters are required to purchase a Nonresident hunting license: $160.00. You will also be required to purchase a Nonresident Locking Goat tag for $600 or a Nonresident Alien Locking Goat tag for $800.

Additional Big Game animals that can be added to your hunt include:

  • Brown Bear Hunt

  • Black Bear Hunt

  • Moose Hunt

  • Wolves are huntable in the fall and in the spring, but the season ends April 30th. The locking tag is only $60.00. No charge if harvested, just tip your guide in the field for taking the time of calling it in, stalking and skinning. 

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Mountain Goat Hunting

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