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About Tony Lutes

Tony Lutes

After beginning a career in working numerous aspects of security and considering bodybuilding/nutrition/personal training a side-job and hobby, I was taken out into the mountains in 2007, by Sean, and bagged my first peak in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska. I traded my gym shoes for mountaineering boots and squat rack for a backpack. I used what I had learned about nutrition to fuel my body for self-powered adventures in the outdoors of Alaska. I went from camping to winter camping, from peak bagging to mountaineering, from winter hiking to ice climbing. I began instructing ice climbing/mountaineering the winter of 2009 and continued to up my game with a successful summit of Mt. Rainier in 2016 and an unsuccessful attempt on Denali in 2019.  Along the way, I found the right woman, Jess, we started a family in 2011. (Aka The Northern Lutes)

As Jess helped me balance my outdoor adventures as a new father and a working man, our son's needs showed us that being a stay-at-home father/homeschooling teacher was a part of the plan for me. Providing for our family on a single income had its challenges, and hunting showed itself to be a wonderful way for me to continue my soul's desire for the outdoors by bringing food back home in the process.

2017 through 2019 started my Hunting Guide resume. I hunted Caribou, Kodiak Brown Bear, and Moose.

2020 turned a huge corner for me. I planned and went on my own Sheep/Caribou Hunt, then I got invited to go work for Kile as his packer, for the 2020 Fall Hunting Season, working for Barela's Alaskan Outfitters.  We guided clients for Brown Bear, Black Bear and Moose.

2021 was more of the same, I got to be the packer on a successful sheep hunt, and then work for Barela's Alaskan Outfitters again. This year I moved into more of a Logistics, Planning, and Organization type role with Barela Alaskan Outfitters.

2021 also began our adventures on the water in the form packrafting. We invested in Alpaca Raft Packrafts and have been exploring Eagle River as a family.

2022 ushered in the year of the MOVE!!! In May of 2022, I came to Cordova to help work the Spring Bear Hunts and while here, the wife came to visit and found a new job!!! In August of 2022, we fully relocated to Cordova, AK. We worked a very wet Fall Hunting Season that ended up going into December but ended with great success!


About Kile

I was born in 1980 to a family of Alaska goldminers, entrepreneurs, pilots, and hunters. Born and raised, Alaska has always been my home. My experience with remote Alaska and survival began as a young child and has continued from there. I have hunted and harvested animals from almost every mountain range in Alaska and have extensive experience with traditional bow hunting. While I love variety, sheep hunts are my passion. On personal hunts I have downed nine rams as well as various black bear, brown bear, moose, goat, caribou, deer and fowl.

I am married to a beautiful, hard-working Alaska-grown woman and father to seven crazy children. Our home is practically bursting at the seams, a little redneck, a lot of rowdy. As thrilling as the hunt is, nothing really compares to the joy I have found in leading my pack into our own adventures.

In 2013 I decided to take my hunting skill set to the next level by becoming an assistant guide. I have successfully guided for sheep, bear, goat, caribou, moose and have worked for some of the top outfitters that Alaska has to offer. The years I have worked in this field have been some of the most fulling in my life. These hunts are so much more than leading someone to their kill. It's about the glory of God's country, of walking where maybe no man has ever walked, of the hunt, the hide-and-seek, the trails we blaze through the mountains. It's where men become the men they wanted to be. It's the bad-ass, soul-stretching, muscle aching, hard-core center that we all search for and finally find, in the wild and in ourselves. Hunting has been such a gift to me and guiding makes a way for me to pass that thrill to others.

Casey Johnson

About Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson was born and raised on a small ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He grew up in a hunting family and was raised to appreciate all things wild. After attending college at the University of Wyoming, Casey and his wife Chelsea, settled in Cody, WY with their two sons where they reside today. Casey has been lucky enough to hunt in 14 states and two foreign countries, and guide in 5 states during his 39 years of life. His passion lies in high mountain hunts for elk and wild sheep but his relentless trail of success doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s goats, bears, wolves, deer, elk, sheep, or coyotes, you are in good hands with Casey Johnson.

Logan Snyder

Logan Snyder

Mitch Davis

Mitch Davis

Field Experience

TOP GUN TREKS - sheep, moose, bear | AAA OUTFITTERS - peninsula spring bear | BARELA OUTFITTERS - bear, goat, moose


CPR + First Aid Certified - Firearms + weapons expert - Calm under pressure - Backwoods survival expert – Dependable - Independent worker - Camp Cook-ish.

Skillsets are Excellent communication skills, Ability to establish great relationships with other people, Positive personality, finding solutions to problems and challenges, Ability to focus on detail, Hardworking and trustworthy, Team player, Physically, and mentally tough.

Hunting Guides in Alaska

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