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Hunter Taylor

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I was born in Maryland to family of equestrians. I grew up on the family’s farm where I grew the love for hunting. My younger years were filled with fox hunting and competing internationally on horse back winning titles in Ireland and Australia. I started of my guiding career in Wyoming right out of high school. There I guided for mule deer, elk and black bear.  From there I started guiding and doing culling and eradication work on ranches in Texas. I would also guide spring black bear in Oregon. Also did plenty of ranch hand work in Wyoming and Texas.   I now work in Alaska full time as a guide and commercial fisherman. I have experience guiding brown bear, grizzly bear, black bear, wolves, wolverines, mountain goat, moose, Sitka black tail, fox, caribou and sea duck. I hate to fail and do what ever it takes for my client go home more than happy from there adventure.


About Kile

I was born in 1980 to a family of Alaska goldminers, entrepreneurs, pilots, and hunters. Born and raised, Alaska has always been my home. My experience with remote Alaska and survival began as a young child and has continued from there. I have hunted and harvested animals from almost every mountain range in Alaska and have extensive experience with traditional bow hunting. While I love variety, sheep hunts are my passion. On personal hunts I have downed nine rams as well as various black bear, brown bear, moose, goat, caribou, deer and fowl.

I am married to a beautiful, hard-working Alaska-grown woman and father to seven crazy children. Our home is practically bursting at the seams, a little redneck, a lot of rowdy. As thrilling as the hunt is, nothing really compares to the joy I have found in leading my pack into our own adventures.

In 2013 I decided to take my hunting skill set to the next level by becoming an assistant guide. I have successfully guided for sheep, bear, goat, caribou, moose and have worked for some of the top outfitters that Alaska has to offer. The years I have worked in this field have been some of the most fulling in my life. These hunts are so much more than leading someone to their kill. It's about the glory of God's country, of walking where maybe no man has ever walked, of the hunt, the hide-and-seek, the trails we blaze through the mountains. It's where men become the men they wanted to be. It's the bad-ass, soul-stretching, muscle aching, hard-core center that we all search for and finally find, in the wild and in ourselves. Hunting has been such a gift to me and guiding makes a way for me to pass that thrill to others.

Casey Johnson

About Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson was born and raised on a small ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He grew up in a hunting family and was raised to appreciate all things wild. After attending college at the University of Wyoming, Casey and his wife Chelsea, settled in Cody, WY with their two sons where they reside today. Casey has been lucky enough to hunt in 14 states and two foreign countries, and guide in 5 states during his 39 years of life. His passion lies in high mountain hunts for elk and wild sheep but his relentless trail of success doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s goats, bears, wolves, deer, elk, sheep, or coyotes, you are in good hands with Casey Johnson.

Trevor Lane

About Trevor Lane

Just a Midwest kid from Indiana with a taste for peak adventure, I found my way to Alaska through partnering with Pete Barela. I work as a videographer/cinematographer - capturing the raw emotion and once in a lifetime experiences from big game hunts.

I moved to Lake Tahoe at 18 years old working as a backcountry ski guide and spent 5 years in the Sierra Nevadas. From the very start I took to the mountains learning the land and the animals in it. I constantly pushed myself to be the best I could, and learned a lot along the way.

When I turned 25 My desire to reach new heights in adventure peaked and I found myself on my way to Alaska. I’ll also be working as a packer and eventually will be obtaining my guide license - Filming your adventures along the way! My wife and I plan to make the full move to Alaska here within the coming year. You can follow along our hunts via my Instagram page @hunting.ak and of course @barelasalaskanoutfiters 

Jared Yoakum

About Jared Yoakum

I am from the Midwest of the US in rural Ohio. I grew up with a gun and fishing pole in my hands. I was primarily a small game hunter, and whitetail deer hunter. From the earliest moments I can remember, I lived my life outdoors. I had a passion for hunting with dogs; beagles and English pointers. I got into archery hunting in my late teens and was fairly successful.


I joined the Army at age 22, which began my life of adventuring and honestly honed my mind for a life of guiding. I was stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska and knew that this place was my forever home.

I spent 10 years teaching and crewing in the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. I was an instructor responsible for the education and development of doorgunners, crewchiefs, and flight medics. I have many accreditations under my belt that have helped make me a successful hunting guide. I am safety conscience, great under pressure, and a decision maker. I have been guiding since 2015 and have harvested dozens of animals. I have hunted all over the State of Alaska and feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Most importantly, I am a family man and have 2 wonderful daughters and the best wife a man could ask for. They let me live out my dreams, and I hope I can help you live out yours. Till we meet on the trail!!

Wyatt Johnson

About Wyatt Johnson

Grew up in Colorado. Lived there for 20 years, traveled the country for a few years working on power lines and later followed my family to Minnesota where I reside now. Grew up hunting elk, deer, bear, lions, turkeys. Etc. Dad guided  for a while which was where I got the itch from. But wanted something more on the ultimate side and started reaching out to outfits in Alaska. Few months later found myself stepping foot on Alaska soil in the brooks range packing. Was immediately addicted to the landscape and pursued getting my license. Will continue to chase this lifestyle as long as I can and branching out to new places which is where I got blessed to have an opportunity at Barela’s and hope to continue and make new memories as a guide and hunter.

Logan Snyder

Logan Snyder

Mitch Davis

Mitch Davis

Field Experience

TOP GUN TREKS - sheep, moose, bear | AAA OUTFITTERS - peninsula spring bear | BARELA OUTFITTERS - bear, goat, moose


CPR + First Aid Certified - Firearms + weapons expert - Calm under pressure - Backwoods survival expert – Dependable - Independent worker - Camp Cook-ish.

Skillsets are Excellent communication skills, Ability to establish great relationships with other people, Positive personality, finding solutions to problems and challenges, Ability to focus on detail, Hardworking and trustworthy, Team player, Physically, and mentally tough.

Hunting Guides in Alaska

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